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UX4-Series Ultrasonic Quilting Machine is the sixth generation of domestic intelligent ultrasonic laminating machinery, using the ultrasonic principle for needle-free wireless operation, which is the ideal environmental protection equipment for the current iterative bonding of various types of chemical fibre fabrics. The machine is simple to operate, easy to maintain and has high production efficiency. By simply changing the flower rollers, it is possible to make various flower-shaped iterations of the material. The ultrasonic sewing and blooming machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, firm bonding and no needle
Equipped with DURKOPP brand motor, increase operate speed, the max speed 3000RPM Adopt imported large rotary hook, arbitrary step quilting automatic disconnection detection, the screen at any point make embroidery; pressor foot can be adjusted according to material thickness. Windows system computer system control, precision quilting can be a variety of complex patterns.