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  • [Industry Information] How To Install Tape Edge Machine Sewing Head

    Take out the head of the machine from the packaging box. Screw 3 φ10 screws on the top position of the moving box and adjust the belt according to the routine that the head drives the belt.(the distance between the back side of the head’s bottom panel and lift-and-drop panel should be 95mm)

  • [Industry Information] How to check whether the bonnell spring is qualified

    GENMAX YHJ-80 Bonnell Spring Machine,the speed is 80 pcs/min.In a single operating cycle, the springs are coiled, bent and knotted at both ends,subjected to heat treatment to limit the loss of elasticity caused by permanent deformation, ejected from the machine and packaged

  • [Industry Information] Difference between pocket spring and innerspring

    Innerspring mattresses transfer a lot of motion form one side of the bed to the other, as the entire bed shares the same spring system. ... Pocket spring mattresses may still transfer motion a bit, but much less than a traditional innerspring mattress does. This makes for an easier night's rest for

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