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We have a good cooperation with the greatest mattress company in South India

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After one week’s training and guidance by three engineers and two workers of our company, the first mattress was successfully manufactured in the customer’s factory.

Till today, it took us over two years to witness every step of the customers’ advancement---- planning and arranging, turning the agricultural field into commercial field, investing and building the factory, accounting the equipment, measurement, installing and training.

We appreciate all the help from the customers. They were not sure whether we could get used to local food, so they asked a cook to cook for us in the hotel. What’s more, they asked tourist guides to show us around India, which helped us learn better about this beautiful country and feel the kindness from people in India.

We want to thank customers for trusting us. We are specialized in manufacturing mattress machines, and we export our mattress machines globally. In India, our machine is preferred by many extraordinary manufacturers in lots of cities such as Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We can also feel their satisfaction from their feedback on our machine.

Genmax will continue to work hard to supply high-quality machines with professional management and post-sale services to our customers.



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