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Welcome the customer from Argentina to visit our company

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October 24, 2019.From Argentina customer came to visit our company.The customer produces sofas in Argentina and plans to start the mattress business.

In the conference room,We discussed the whole set of processes for making mattresses. Such as tape edge machine,quilting machine,spring assembler and sponge vertical/ horizontal cutting machine and manual foaming machine . Through our discussion, let the customer fully understand the development of the Chinese mattress industry and Argentina's mainstream mattresses and if with the smallest investment to produce the simplest, easy to sell, back to this fast, diversified mattress program.In our detailed and intuitive explanation, the customer identified the type of mattress he wanted to produce and the equipment corresponding to the purchase.

At the end of the conversation at work, we invited him have dinner with us,The atmosphere on the table is relaxed and pleasant, and the cultural exchange between China and Afghanistan adds one color after another to our cooperation.

The cheerful and friendly customer is very happy to introduce to us about the geographical culture of Argentina and so on, to discuss a lot of the interesting events in Argentina. He told us that flying to China for about 40 hours.Although a little tired, what he saw and heard when he came to China, especially the enthusiastic supplier, made him full of harvest.In particular, today we'll explain his mattress process to give him a thorough understanding of the entire mattress production process and to solve all the problems he's prepared, and that's all worth it. And the confidence in the work of the mattress is determined.

The next day of the trip, as a warm and friendly host, we arranged two co-workers to lead the customer to visit the famous scenic spots in Nanjing. The introduction of the six dynasties of ancient Nanjing, as well as the historic site of the humanities, also enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery of Nanjing. We visited East ZhongHua Gate Historical Culture Block, Confucius Temple, Nanjing Museum,ect.The extensive and profound development of Chinese culture and modernization has left a deep impression on the customers who came to China for the first time.During the two-day trip, the client thought the trip to China was particularly worth it.

All the time, our company adheres to the pursuit of perfect quality, the provision of the best service and the pursuit of enterprise innovation.In the future, we will work hard to build cooperation with all overseas friends to create a brilliant future. 

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