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This machine has 25 neddles and they are mainly used for sewing docorating edge of the mattress. It has complicated material transforming devices to choose. It can sew different styles of edge tapes by using different material transforming devices such as zippers, decorating tapes, ventilated tapes, logo tapes etc. This machine is highly automatic and can stop working automatically when there is no cloth. There are a variety of optional boot devices which are easy to replace.
This machine includes the functions of multi-thread sewing and cutting. It adopts multi-needles chain-stitch sewing head, mechanical heating and cutting, feeding with whole reel continuously, leading、 folding and forming automatically.
The machine can automatically fold, insert, fix and sew for both ends of the handle. It is easy to operate and can fix and sew beautiful patterns. Various patterns can be chosen. All major parts (such as SMC cylinder)are made in Japan.
The machine is mainly used for sewing the drop stitch of surface fabric of mattress. It adopts steplessly adjusted motor and automatic needle upper returning. It is equipped with a new presser foot that moves up and down following needle bar, making it more convenient to sew the drop stitch of fabric with thick surface.
The machine is mainly used for zigzag sewing label of mattress. Its arm shaft and book drive shaft are characterized with entire structure. It adopts imported speed adjusting motor. and automatic needle upper returning. All technical performance can match with advanced international standards of the same kind product.
New mode single cam double lever driver head,Janpanese Hirose Brand hooks.Automatic thread trimmer;colors can change automatically.“DAHAO” computer system,high definition LCD display shows real-time stitching.USB port makes the designs more efficient and liable.