Pocket Spring Machine
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Pocket Spring Machine

  • NFD-120Z Mattress Pocket Spring Assembler
    1. Adopts imported PLC controlling system and the glue-spraying point is controlled by the servo.
    2. Highly automatic and has stable working performance.
    3. Introduces PB7 glue- spraying system from Nordson Corporation in USA.
    4. Can be used for assembling drum-type or cylindrical pocket springs and adhering the strip pocket springs in parallel or cellular forms.
    5. Intermittent glue spraying can save the glue cost by over 40%.
    6. The adhesion of the upper and lower non-woven cloth is optional.
    7. Can realize remote control, which makes it convenient to monitor, repair, update the machine and modify the program.
    8. Equipped with longitudinal and latitudinal cutting functions, this machine doesn't require manual guard in later procedures.
  • JZ3 Wire straighten and cutting machine
    CNC machine with safety protection.the machine stops automatically once anything wrong with the wire the wire is detected.
    Equipped with electric wire frame to improve alignment accuracy.
    The length of straightening can be adjusted by operations on the screen
  • TC03 Mattress wire frame pressure punching machine
    The machine adopts a special mould,and the steel wire of the spring bed net frame is connected through a professional connecting sleeve,It is a special stamping equipment.
    And the machine also has the advantages of convenient operating,convenient positioning and strong connection.
  • JZ2 Wire Straighten & Cutting Machine
    The series machine are mainly used for straightening all kinds coil wire of cold drawing wires and other nonferrous metal wire
  • Pneumatic wire bending machine
    The machine are mainly used to bend the wire of different length for the frames of the springs cores of mattress
    This machine is driven by gas rather than electricity
    It can bend 8 wires a time and wires of different size can ben switched according to your need easily



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