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Automatic Tape Edge Machine Electrical Installation

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The electronic control cabinet is installed at the bottom of the worktable, the electric control cabinet is installed in front of the worktable, and the wire is drawn from the right lower right of the electronic control cabinet to supply the wire to connect the 380v voltage.and automatic tape edge machine is easy to install.There are no complicated installation steps.

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A pneumatic filter is installed on the right side of the rack (with a conveyor belt motor). The right end of the device has an interface to introduce the gas source. Installation site temperature:-10 °~ 40 °. Prevent Rain Water from dripping or humid environment and avoid direct sun exposure. Prevent oil fog, salt erosion, prevent corrosive liquid, gas. The reliable grounding of the equipment must be ensured, and the grounding impedance is less than 10Ω . 

In addition to Taiwan CETC 300U sewing head, we also have the SINGER 300U sewing head for tape edge machine.

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Automatic Mattess Tape Edge Machine



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