The advanced technology from USA, Switzerland and Italy has been introduced to our machines of “GENMAX” brand. This brand of machine has been on the international market for one decade and we have always been in the leading position in the industry from designing & producing machines to research & develop software. 

Specialized in manufacturing mattress machinery

Our products include Bonnell Spring Machine, Pocket Spring Machine, Tape edge Machine, Quilting Machine and other accessories related to mattresses.

Mattress Machinery Service

We provide a one-stop solution mattress service, with the best service, the most competitive price, in the mattress machinery industry. 


The machines we produce are all for the production of the mattress. 


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  • How To Test Mattress Quilting Machine

    Open the power switch,the power is supplied on the three phase four wire system AC380/220 V power. After the screen shows control interface,click Change Pattern,and click Zero, the machine will emits a buzzing sound,and the saddletree move to zero position automatically. Press the start button to wo   Read More>

  • How To Pack The Mattress

    How to save the cost of mattress transportationWith the development of the times, combined with high-tech mechanical products, bed bottom packaging has become more convenient and user-friendly. GENMAX will share with you how to package mattress products.1. The traditional way-the mattress is wrapped.   Read More>

  • How To Install Tape Edge Machine Sewing Head

    Take out the head of the machine from the packaging box. Screw 3 φ10 screws on the top position of the moving box and adjust the belt according to the routine that the head drives the belt.(the distance between the back side of the head’s bottom panel and lift-and-drop panel should be 95mm)   Read More>

  • Automatic Tape Edge Machine Electrical Installation

    The electronic control cabinet is installed at the bottom of the worktable, the electric contrinet is installed in front of the worktable, and the wire is drawn from the right lower right of the electronic control cabinet to supply the wire to connect the 380v voltage.   Read More>

Great Sellers

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Sue knows everything about the products and is quite patient. She has good communications with customers. She is also good at speaking Japanese!

Hanaa has ten years' experience in foreign trade and helped many foreign customers to make blueprint on establishing mattress factories.
She has attended many export fairs of our field.
She is fairly professional and warm-hearted.

 She knows quite a lot about mattress machine and is fairly professional. She is quite experienced in making export documents.
 She is also familiar with loading containers.

Continuously improves the utilization rate and conversion rate of corporate websites,
and has won high recognition and praise from customers in the industry.
Spanish marketing manager, five years of study in Spain, eight years of export experience, rich knowledge of mattress machinery industry. Very responsible and patient to customers.
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