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Ouality products with stable performance Advanced system with operation easily and conveniently Space between coils adjusted accurately and flexibly by Servo MotorHigh grade protection with hommization design Artistic design enriching workshop environment
1. Automatic equipment for making spiral mattress springs with functions of coiling, knotting, heat-treating and putting out. 2. Adopts worm and gear decelerator and the speed can be controlled by the frequency transformer. 3. The lubricating system can be controlled by computer. 4. The form and knot smoothness of the spring frame is increased because of the excellent tools used on the machine. 5. Characterized with nice structure, easy adjustment, stable performance and high productivity.
1. Used to make springs and works automatically. 2. Applicable to mattresses and car cushions. 3. Its functions include coiling, knotting, heat- treating etc. 4. Has advantages on knotting procedure and updated system of mechanical lubricating which makes the size of the spring diameter more accurate and the knotting firmer. 5. Produces springs of 80mm-200 mm height and of 65-90mm spring diameter. 6. Ideal machine along with CWJ-05 Automatic Unit- Spring Assemble for mattress manufacturers. 7. The form and knot smoothness of the spring frame is increased because of the excellent tools used on the machine. 8. Preferred by many extraordinary mattress manufacturers around the world.
1. Mainly used for assembling unit-springs. 2. The upper and lower springs are assembled simultaneously. 3. Can automatically tighten the helical wire at both ends. 4. The number of rows can be counted automatically. 5. When the cycle is made, the spring units are pushed out. 6. The number of rows can be set by computer so the productivity is highly raised. 7. Provides the spring carcass formation within the shortest time with minimum loss and is preferred by lots of manufacturers in different countries. 8. Presented to the sector for both quality and fast production.
CNC machine with safety protection.the machine stops automatically once anything wrong with the wire the wire is detected. Equipped with electric wire frame to improve alignment accuracy. The length of straightening can be adjusted by operations on the screen
The series machine are mainly used for straightening all kinds coil wire of cold drawing wires and other nonferrous metal wire