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Pocket Spring Machine

  • Fully Automatic Pocket Spring Machine Line MX100-2X1
    1. Suitable for through and drum springs;
    2. It can adapt to spring heat treatment devices of different heights, and it is easy to adjust;
    3. Non-woven fabric connection device, material saving, labor saving;
    4. Multiple fault detection devices can effectively reduce losses;
    5. Special protective devices;
    6. Using a fully CNC spring head, all spring parameters can be adjusted through the display.
    Note: One or two or three spring bag filling machines can be used according to customer requirements.
  • High Speed Mattress Pocket Spring Machine BZJ-15
    1.Suitable for cylindrical and barrel shape springs.
    2.The heat-treatment device suits to different spring height,easy for adjustment.
    3.The non-woven feeder system,save material and labor.
    4.Multiple fault detecting device,effectively reduced the wastage.
    5.Use full-automatic coiling head,fast and easy to adjust the springs.
    6.Special protection device
  • Mattress Pocket Spring Machine BZJ-10
    1. Functions include spring forming, heat-treat shaping, compressive and ultrasonic non-woven bagging. 
    2. Digitalized and fully-automatic in manufacturing so operators don't need to monitor the whole process. 
    3. One operator can oversee the operation of 3 sets of BZJ-10 pocket spring machines. 
    4. With the optionally equipped automatic ultrasonic cutting device, the cutting job can be finished automatically, so the productivity is highly raised and the labor cost is reduced. 
    5. The head of the machine is servo motor, so manually adjusting the springs is not needed.
  • High Speed Pocket Spring Assembly Machine NFD-120S
    1. High-speed automatic gluing machine, the speed can reach 12 rows/min.
    2. It can be double-sided or non-sticky, or single-sided.
    3. It can be adhered to or out of position.
    4. All spray glue can be continuous or spot spraying to save glue.
    5. Complete functions, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
    6. Special protection device.
  • Automatic Pocket Spring Coiling Machine BZJ-07
    1. Every step of production (transferring, coiling, shaping and packing) is controlled by computer.
    2. Equipped with two sets of ultrasonic seal machine to seal both sides of non-woven fabrics, which makes the products in good shape.
    3. There is enough space between pocket springs so that the fabrics can be saved and the accuracy of pocket cutting can be guaranteed.
    4. It has continuous and adjustable mode of operation for automatic cutting and is equipped with heat treatment system with cooling station.
    5. It is ok that the height of the spring is 220mm after it is packed as long as you tell us in advance.
    6. An ideal one for production of pocket spring mattress net and sofa cushion because of lower cost, good structure and high productivity.
    7. All buttons, marks and screens are in English version.
  • Mattress Pocket Spring Assembler NFD-120Z
    1. Adopts imported PLC controlling system and the glue-spraying point is controlled by the servo.
    2. Highly automatic and has stable working performance.
    3. Introduces PB7 glue- spraying system from Nordson Corporation in USA.
    4. Can be used for assembling drum-type or cylindrical pocket springs and adhering the strip pocket springs in parallel or cellular forms.
    5. Intermittent glue spraying can save the glue cost by over 40%.
    6. The adhesion of the upper and lower non-woven cloth is optional.
    7. Can realize remote control, which makes it convenient to monitor, repair, update the machine and modify the program.
    8. Equipped with longitudinal and latitudinal cutting functions, this machine doesn't require manual guard in later procedures.


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