Product Detail

MX15/10x3-3 Fully Automatic Mattress Pocket Spring Machines

1. Suitable for through and drum springs;
2. It can adapt to spring heat treatment devices of different heights, and it is easy to adjust;
3. Non-woven fabric connection device, material saving, labor saving;
4. Multiple fault detection devices can effectively reduce losses;
5. Special protective devices;
6. Using a fully CNC spring head, all spring parameters can be adjusted through the display.
Note: One or two or three spring bag filling machines can be used according to customer requirements.
  • MX15/10x3-3


Model MX15/10x3-3
Non-Woven Fabric Thickness  ≥70g/m⊃2;
Non-Woven Fabric Width of Coiling 450-650mm Outer Diameter Non-Woven Fabric ≤φ560
Non-Woven Fabric Width of Top and Bottom Covers 400-2200mm Inner Diameter of Non-Woven Fabric ≥60mm
Wire Diameter φ1.6mm-φ2.2mm Inner Diameter of Wire Roll ≥φ340mm
Outer Diameter of Wire Roll ≤φ1000mm Acceptable Weight of Wire Roll ≤1000Kgs
Hot Melt Glue Shape Bulk Hot Melt Glue Viscosity 1900mpas/160℃
Hot Melt Glue Softening Point 95±5℃ Suggest Operating Temperature 150-170℃
Pocket spring height 120-250mm 

Full Automatic Pocket Spring Machine 04