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Sponge Machine

  • PQ Sponge Horizontal Cutting Machine
    By adopting the presently advanced aped inverter-control techniques, this machine is mainly used to to-and-fro slice quadrate foam at horizontal surface. It is characteristic with its full automation , digital control, simple operation and accurate cutting precision.
  • LQ Sponge Vertical Cutting Machine
    This machine is mainly used for upright slicing rubber and slicing the rubber to a certain figure. Additionally,it may slice all kinds of EVA or pearl rubber.
  • YQ Sponge Disc Slics Cutting Machine
    By adopting the advanced imported control technique and electric brake device, this machine features for its high reliability and high production efficiency, could perform a continuous and Non-blade-draw-back operation .It is mainly used to slice several oblong foams at once accurately.
  • ZK Sponge Boring Machine
    Boring Sponge Machine is the Ancillary equipment of Peeling Sponge Machine
  • XQ Sponge Rotatory Peeling Machine
    This machine is mainly used to continuously cut sponge into slice. By adopting advanced and automatic control techniques. This machine is characteristic with advanced techniques and high cutting precision.
  • PS-03 Crushing Sponge Machine
    The machine adopts imported cutting tools,bearing etc.It's mainly used for crushing sponge scrap,cloth waste,thrum,waste broken into granular,4 line stationary cutter and 3 line rotary cutter,crushing ability,whether hard,soft,film,yarn material can quickly crushed,widely used for all kinds of large-scale plastic products,bulk materials and piper rugged high productivity



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