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  • [Industry Information] How to check whether the bonnell spring is qualified

    GENMAX YHJ-80 Bonnell Spring Machine,the speed is 80 pcs/min.In a single operating cycle, the springs are coiled, bent and knotted at both ends,subjected to heat treatment to limit the loss of elasticity caused by permanent deformation, ejected from the machine and packaged

  • [Company News] Service in Casablanca

    In October 2019, in view of the service philosophy that our company has always adhered to,According to customer demand, we provide quality after-sales service to Morocco's largest mattress manufacturer. Our company dispatched engineer to the destination is Casablanca.

  • [Company News] Welcome the customer from Argentina to visit our company

    October 24, 2019.From Argentina customer came to visit our company.The customer produces sofas in Argentina and plans to start the mattress business.In the conference room,We discussed the whole set of processes for making mattresses. Such as tape edge machine,quilting machine,spring assembler etc.

  • [Company News] Welcome to Comorin Cape

    Welcome to Comorin CapeComorin, Cape is the remotest corners of the globe in India,tourist attraction,its famous for the around ocean.Comorin Cape is Tamil Nadu’s southernmost point of the southern subcontinent and the southernmost of the cardamom's hill. On the Kanniyakumari is the Shiva Temple,it

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Our company adherents to the idea of service first,serve the customers wholeheartedly,let customer have no worries after buying machines.
Our machine improves the efficiency of the factory ,the customer is full of praise for our spring machine.
By building a deep friendship with us through the machine's customers, the trust of each other is increased.
The customer recognizes our machine very much and is willing to cooperate with us for a long time.
Customer's approval comes from the approval of the speed, accuracy and production efficiency of the machine.
Customer hospitality, recognition of our equipment and team support.
Along the way, we thank our customers so much .and thanks for their support .
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