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The whole production line includes equipment:: 1.Semi-automatic mattress compressing machine one set(mattress cover film bag, sealing the last opening). 2.Automatic mattress folding machine one set(optional). 3.Automatic mattressroll packing machine one set.(exit diameter adjustable roll packing machine ) The mattress is given to the machine after hand bagging with a PE bag.the production line fulfils all the operations of compression,sealing folding and rolling automatically.
This packing line fulfils all the operations of wrapping. compressioh, sealing and rolling with a wide range of adjust- able exit diameter.Many innovative design,automatic fea tures enable the MAC-620 to create a high-quality ap- pearance for your packaged product. 1.Automatic mattress compressing machine:lset(two kinds of packaging way could be optional). 2.Automatic mattress folding machine:lset(could be op tional). 3.Automatic mattress roll packing machine:lset.
1.It is suitable for the PACK-COMPRESS mattress,automatically sensing the length, width and height of the mattress to adjust the amount of film. 2.It is suitable for the PACK-ONLY and PACK-COM- PRESS of mattress. 3.The two kinds ofpacking methods PACK-ONLY and PACK-COMPRESS are switched in touch panel This system has Self-adjustment for differ- ent sizes of mattresses to adjust the amount offilm, with automatic trimming function.
It is suitable for without compressed mattress,also suitable for sponge and latex direct packing.