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By adopting the advanced imported control technique and electric brake device, this machine features for its high reliability and high production efficiency, could perform a continuous and Non-blade-draw-back operation .It is mainly used to slice several oblong foams at once accurately. -Sponge Carousel Cutting Machine is used for horizontal cutting the multiple foam sheet , continuous cutting, driven by advanced frequency conversion speed control technology, fully digital control, and produces 2-150MM foam sheets. -Suction device(Optional) -Fixed front and rear pressure rollers(Optional) -Automatic angle adjustment (Optional) -Touch screen(Optional) -Cutting Height Increased (Optional) -Ball screw lifting belt protective cover (Optional)
This machine is mainly used for upright slicing rubber and slicing the rubber to a certain figure. Additionally,it may slice all kinds of EVA or pearl rubber. -Sponge Vertical Cutting Machine is used for vertical Cutting the sponge blocks. It can produce sponge sheets or finished products with a maximum size of 5mm-100mm. It can also process various types of EVA and pearl foam. -bilateral safety baffle(Optional) -Efficient sharpening and vacuuming device -Advanced Linear Guides -Accurate positioning, better cutting effect
By adopting the presently advanced aped inverter-control techniques, this machine is mainly used to to-and-fro slice quadrate foam at horizontal surface. It is characteristic with its full automation , digital control, simple operation and accurate cutting precision. -Sponge Horizontal Cutting Machine is used for horizontal cutting slicing of sponge blocks with a length of less than three meters, with a cutting thickness of 2-200mm, fully automatic digital control, accurate cutting and easy operation. -Suction device, the sponge is fixed more firmly and the cutting effect is better(Optional) -High quality PLC and touch screen, speed more faster (Optional ) -Pressing roller can be installed, cutting is more accurate, cutting is fast and not easy to deviate (Optional )
This machine is mainly used to continuously cut sponge into slice. By adopting advanced and automatic control techniques. This machine is characteristic with advanced techniques and high cutting precision. -Sponge circular cutting machine is mainly used for cutting infinitely long thin slices of various cylindrical sponges. The cutting thickness is controlled by changing gears, and then wound to make it used as raw materials for mattress quilting and other purposes. -Cutting size 2000X2300mm can be customized -Computer frequency conversion speed regulation digital control system (CXQ) -High-efficiency sharpening and vacuuming device (CXQ) -PLC and touch screen control (CXQ) -Cutting thickness digital servo control (CXQ)