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How To Install Tape Edge Machine Sewing Head

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Take out the head of the machine from the packaging box. Screw 3  φ10  screws on the top position of the moving box and adjust the belt according  to the routine that the head drives the belt.(the distance between the back    side of the head’s bottom panel and lift-and-drop panel should be 95mm)

   Whether it's the SINGER 300U sewing head,And Taiwan CETC 300U sewing head, ot TYPICAL 300U sewing head  is installed in this way.

tape edge machine 02

Install the bracket on the right side of the head. put the side band reel on the bracket and make the Side band reel Bypass the Steel column and go through the belt guiding device. The guiding components should be fixed on the head with screws. The guiding components can help the thread cross the top of the head and reach the end of the needles. There is thread which has already been threaded on the head when the machine leaves the factory. Please read the Instruction Manual carefully.

tape edge machine 03

Check whether the bolt and nuts on each part are loosen because of the bump. If so, please screw them in case there is any glitch when you test the machine.

Please lubricate the machine according to the instruction.

tape edge machine 04

The machine now can work. It is suggested the Thread on the head be removed before the machine is started. Before connecting it to the power supply, you should rotate the machine manually and make the moving box go around the working desk. 



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