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YHJ-60 Mattress Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine

1. Used to make springs and works automatically.
2. Applicable to mattresses and car cushions.
3. Its functions include coiling, knotting, heat- treating etc.
4. Has advantages on knotting procedure and updated system of mechanical lubricating which makes the size of the spring diameter more accurate and the knotting firmer.
5. Produces springs of 80mm-200 mm height and of 65-90mm spring diameter.
6. Ideal machine along with CWJ-05 Automatic Unit- Spring Assemble for mattress manufacturers.
7. The form and knot smoothness of the spring frame is increased because of the excellent tools used on the machine.
8. Preferred by many extraordinary mattress manufacturers around the world.
  • YHJ-60

Model  YHJ-60 Production Capacity   60pcs/ min   
Spring Dia φ65-φ90mm Wire Dia φ1.8-φ2.4mm
Spring Heigh 80-200mm Spring Rings 4-9 rings
Heat Treatment Power 15Kw Power 5.5Kw
Overall Sizes 1700x1600x 2000mm Weight 1200kg

Mattress Spring Machine