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How To Pack The Mattress

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How to save the cost of mattress transportation

        With the development of the times, combined with high-tech mechanical products, bed bottom packaging has become more convenient and user-friendly. GENMAX will share with you how to package mattress products.

1. The traditional way-the mattress is wrapped in PVC.

Use PVC to pack the mattress, and then use a sealing machine to seal the edges of the side of the bag. Transport as a non-compressed mattress.


The support of the mattress will not be affected.

Environmental protection.


Higher requirements for buyers' elevators

The volume is too large and the transportation cost is high

Inconvenient transportation

The accumulation of mattresses takes up a lot of factory space

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2. The latest method-combined with mechanical efficient packaging.

The most modern packaging method is roll packaging, which is very popular in the mattress market. For mattress manufacturers, this packaging method can effectively save space, reduce transportation costs, save manpower and material resources, and the packaging is perfect and exquisite. For customers, it is convenient to move the living environment such as loft small houses.

Efficient packaging will save more space and transportation costs. For example, a 20GP container has a size of 5.8m*2.3m*2.3m, and the volume of an uncompressed mattress is 1.8m*2m*0.24m. How much can be installed?

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As shown in the picture, only 27 pieces can be installed.

However, if the mattress is compressed and rolled, then packaged in a box. A 20GP container can hold 108 such compressed roll mattress boxes! The number has increased by nearly four times, which is very beneficial for the merchants to control logistics costs.

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Applicable roll packaging machinery

Low density foam mattress

Low density latex mattress

Applicable to first compression + then roll package production machinery

High density sponge

High density latex mattress

Spring mattress (no border)

Pocket spring mattress (no border)


Applicable compression machinery

Suitable for all mattress compression

Bonnier spring mattress (with frame)

Pocket spring mattress (with frame)



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