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Service in Casablanca

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In October 2019, in view of the service philosophy that our company has always adhered to,According to customer demand, we provide quality after-sales service to Morocco's largest mattress manufacturer.

Our company dispatched engineer to the destination is Casablanca, located in the western part of Morocco.The Arabic name is DarelBeida, on the Atlantic coast, 90 kilometers from Rabat, the capital in the northeast. The Casablanca population is about 2.9 million, with a total of 70 per cent of the country's modern industry, with more than 1,000 factories in the urban and rural areas, the largest city and major port of Morocco, as well as a commercial financial centre in Morocco.

It is reported that most of the mattresses produced by Morocco are mainly sponge mattresses, and are the main products of the company. Although the sponge mattress is light and comfortable, but his air permeability is not good, in the new city metabolism to produce waste, water vapor and so on will continue to be discharged through the skin, because the mattress is not breathable, so these wastes can not be released in time, which is not conducive to human health. Therefore, with the pursuit of healthy life and the desire for quality of life, more and more consumers begin to choose Spring Mattresses.

This is also an important strategy for the company to meet the needs of the market and consumers. At present, the company's strategic positioning is expanding to the direction of bag springs. Therefore, they ordered the mattress pocket spring line and high speed quilting machine from our company. Pocket spring production line is fully automatic can complete the pocket spring winding, heat treatment, bagging, viscose, the whole process does not need manual. High-speed Quilting Machine of mattress can produce Continuous Pattern, as well as the springing function can directly produce the side wall of mattress with different patterns, which greatly saves time, personnel, and increases its output and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

On October 18 th, a team of engineers left Shanghai and flew to Casablanca, Morocco, for a 10-day after-sales service. After arriving at the customer's factory, we checked the machine and installed the circuit.After two days of efforts, the machine has begun to normal production, the first bed core production moment, the whole factory is cheering, the rest of each day is the operator's careful guidance and technical explanation and operation training, mainly explain the use of the machine, maintenance, safety, refueling, troubleshooting and matters needing attention, and so on.

Through 10 days of service, the person in charge of the factory praised the equipment of our company, refreshed their understanding of made in China, high performance-price ratio and humanized design. Adjusting the spring only needs to replace the size he needs on the touch display screen. It does not need tools to adjust the head of the spring machine, which greatly saves working time and improves the work efficiency. factory leaders said the use of these three machines will make the factory's production efficiency significantly improved, they are confident to sell mattresses to far away, to provide more people with healthy and quality mattresses, confident to receive more orders.

The 10 days installation and training service, the engineers and their operators have a profound friendship, and we have the patience to explain and not to be tired of the guiding operation, so that the customer has a comprehensive understanding of the principle, operation and maintenance of our equipment. And has a high degree of recognition of the quality of the equipment and the service of the project, establishes a friendly cooperative bridge for cooperation among the middle and the middle and also lays a solid foundation for further cooperation in the future. 

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