Product Detail

DZ5 Mattress Computerized Single Needle Quilting Machine

Equipped with DURKOPP brand motor, increase operate speed, the max speed 3000RPM
Adopt imported large rotary hook, arbitrary step quilting automatic disconnection detection, the screen at any point make embroidery; pressor foot can be adjusted according to material thickness.
Windows system computer system control, precision quilting can be a variety of complex patterns.
  • GM-DZ5

1.360° independent jump flower ,large capacity memory system, spent version of the storage of more than 100000
2.With a production count, pattern effects display, machining trajectory display, automatic cutting line, disconnected from stop and other functions.
3.Real-time data protection, continue to work in the original position after a sudden power outage.
4.Pattern quilting at any point, after the break can automatically km cate embroidery.
5.All imported servo motor control, higher accuracy, better stability.
6.Computer professional version of the software, scan input BMP graphics pattern CAD method drawing any changes and copy
7.Cutting edge knife, the knife can be automatically upgraded, the size of the required processing size can be placed in one step, without additional cutting
8.Automatic feeding, cutting, more working hours.


Model  GM-DZ5 Size(LXWXH) 9900X3800X1600MM
Stitch 2-6mm Weight 3000KG
Prower 8KW Quilt Width <2400MM
Rotation Speed 3000RPM Quilting Thickness <60MM
Productivity 70--200M/H AC Rated Voltage 380V/220V 50HZ/60HZ