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M4 Computerized Multi-Needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine

1.Distance between needles can be customized(0.5 or 1 inch).
2.The fabric is kept away from dirt because the double rocker arms without cams are introduced to the needle bar and plate.
3.Main shaft is controlled by frequency conversion system and the automatic needle lifting frame adopts servo device.
4.The speed can be controlled by computer and can reach 1000 rpm.
5.The distance between needles can be set in the range of 3-8mm.
6.Can be set to stop working automatically when the quilting is finished.
7.Both serial patterns and Tack & Jump patterns (360° and 180°) are available. The machine can automatically check its working condition and the stronger machine body makes it run more stably.
  • GM-M4
Model GM-M4 Size (L*W*H) 5400*1650*2050mm
Needle bar distance

50.8, 76.2, 127mm (5’’)

76.2, 76.2, 152.4mm (6’’)

X-axis movement displacement 304.8mm
Weight 4500kg Quilting width 2450mm
Quilting thickness ≤80mm Needle distance ≤80mm
Needle distance 25.4mm Stitch length 3-8mm
Capacity 60-300(m/hour) Needle type 24/180 23/160 22/140 21/130
Main shaft speed 500-1000rpm Voltage 380v/50hz 220v/60hz, 3-phase
Power 8kw

Automatic stop when up or bottom thread is broken, and both up and down safety infrared protection.

Delta VFD (variable-frequency driver) drives main shaft (Z shaft), Panasonic servo driver & motor control the saddle (X shaft) and roller (Y shaft).

Both serial patterns and Tack & Jump patterns (360°and 180°) are available.

Controlling system based on Windows, CAD drawing.

Automatic stop when pre-set processing length is finished, which is saving labor and easy operation.

Automatic detection of machine running condition.

Stronger machine body makes it run more silently and stably.

Quilting Machine M4




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